Thursday, August 6, 2009

August "Mentor of the Month"

This Month's Outstanding Mentor is Barbara Hannelore!
Barbara Hannelore and her mentee have been together for 6 years come September. Throughout the course of their relationship, Barbara has introduced her mentee to a number of activities, including making pillows, scrapbooks, gingerbread houses, pottery, and many other crafts. Barbara has consistently fostered her mentee’s interests while encouraging her to branch out and try new things. The mentee and her four siblings have been raised by their single father. Her oldest sister is in and out of trouble and recently moved out on her own with very little family support. Barbara has been an incredible influence in her mentee’s life, showing her that she is always cared about and that she can develop into a strong woman of independence. She has made herself available to her mentee as a friend and as the mother figure that her mentee has not been privileged to have. Furthermore, she has helped steer her away from negative environmental influences, not through scare tactics, but by opening up the conversation and allowing her to ask questions. Thank you, Barbara, for being an incredible female role model in your mentee’s life!! You are very much appreciated!!

Zodo's Bowling and Beyond Field Trip

Santa Barbara Art Museum Art Museum Field Trip

Ennisbrook Trail Hike

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