Friday, November 5, 2010

October Mentor of the Month

Jai Ranganathan
Jai and his mentee have been meeting for about 2 and a half years. Throughout this time, Jai has been a tremendous asset in his mentee's life. He started with a kid who was easily distracted, extremely behind academically, and had little ability to catch up to speed. Although he had a little motivation, he didn't know how to get himself caught up with the other students in his class. Jai felt that the "school system [was] not structured to deal with students as far behind as [his mentee], so he has been shuffled along." He was roughly 3 grade levels behind (after being held back a grade). Jai made arrangements to meet with his parents to discuss the possiblity of getting extra help for both his mentee and his mentee's twin brother.

Over the next year, Jai and his mentee read together, book after book, picking out ones that were of interest (not school books). His mentee started reading on his own, and surely enough, he caught up to grade level.

Jai could have easily given up hope that his mentee would never catch up to his classmates, but he didn't. He could have just played Frisbee with him and taken him places, because that's what was easiest, and that's what was most enjoyable for them both. But they persevered, and their friendship is stronger because of this. They never stopped having fun, but Jai found a way to engage his mentee in academics and made it enjoyable for him. Jai has also started to take his twin under his wing, bringing him to Program activities and engaging him in meaningful adventures, including a private 5-hour tour with the a police officer. This is a profession that both boys were interested in for their futures.

Jai is encouraged by the progress that has been made with his mentee, and shared his passion for mentoring with friends, who have requested more information about mentoring. One has even begun with a mentee herself! Thank you Jai! We are honored to acknowledge you as our October mentor of the month!

September Mentor of the Month

Cody Cammbell
Cody and her mentee have developed a strong relationship over the past 3 years. Cody helped her tackle the transition from junior high to high school with relative ease. Along with improving her grades, Cody has encouraged prioritizing and organization. Although it can still be a struggle, her mentee understands the importance of keeping up her grades so that she can go to college and become involved with law enforcement.

Cody has expanded her mentee's creative side by engaging her in activities that she may not have discovered on her own. Together they have done pottery, scrapbooking, and mosaic, just to name a few. Her mentee has said that she has loved doing activities with Cody, especially the ones she's never tried before. She appreciates how positive Cody is and how much fun it is to be with her.

Her mentee was a shy girl who often had opinions that were different than her friends'. Cody has helped her find her voice so that she is able to keep her friends close even when she doesn't agree with what they say. Her mentee has found an avenue to become a part of something larger than herself, a way to give back to her community and voice her opinion. She is now a part of the Youth Coalition, overseen by the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse. Even though the group has only been together for a couple of months, Cody's mentee has made great strides. She has chosen to be a leader and has already co-presented the findings from the 2009 Community Indicator Report to the School Board.

Cody has noticed her mentee's improved relationships with adults, utilization of community resources, and participation in activities outside of school. We are so proud of you, Cody, and all that you have done to encourage your mentee along the right track towards a bright future! Thank you!
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