Monday, March 31, 2008

Get Connected!!

Hi Mentors,
I thought that a blog would be a great way for you all to connect with one another!! :-) Many of you have been asking if there is a way for you to talk with other mentors, and in the age of technology, what better way than a blog? This will be a forum for you to ask and answer questions--our very own peer mentoring. ;-) I will also be posting pictures from events, helpful tips, information on upcoming activities, etc. on this blog. So check back often!

For those of you who are new to blog world, it is very easy to participate.
1. Click on the "Comments" hyperlink below the post.
2. Type your comment or question in the "Leave Your Comment" box.
3. Under "Choose an Identity" click the "Name/URL" option, and type your name in the box labeled "Name."
4. Finally, click the "Publish Your Comment" button.
5. To view all comments click the "Comments" hyperlink below.

A few key things to remember:
1. This is a public domain so don't write things that you do not want to be public information.
2. Do NOT use your mentee's real name in any of your posts.
3. Please be courteous of others' comments and questions.
4. Use this blog as a tool to show friends what the Mentor Program is all about.
5. Have fun!!

Happy blogging! :-)

- Lisa


jcase said...

Lisa! What a great idea to keep informed with what's doing in the program, especially for us. I for one work evenings and am unable to participate in many workshops and lectures offered. My mente is unavailable weekends so we do very well with our time together on Weds.
The video is so well done and inspirational. I can not describe the feeling one has when something clicks and you realize that being present in your mentees life has just made a real positive difference, it is priceless.
Thanks for your efforts and this blog, I hope it helps connect those like myself who have been with the program for years but are unable to attend so many of the great events that have been made available to us. Be well this April Fools Day! Sammy

The Fighting Back Mentor Program said...

Thanks for the comment, Sammy. I am glad that you are excited about our blog. :-) I also hope that it allows you guys to connect with one another more easily. :-)

- Lisa

carol sauceda said...

I am new to the program and look forward to hearing from other more experienced mentors.

I'd be interested in a Beach BBQ group activity.

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