Wednesday, April 30, 2008

[Open Forum]

You guys did such an aweseome job coming up with "Summer Activities," I thought I would open up our blog conversation for you to post comments, questions, and ideas about anything pertaining to mentoring and your relationship with your mentee. This forum is a great place to exchange ideas, give advice, and to ask those questions you've been dying to ask more seasoned mentors. :-) Please do not use the real name of your mentee in any of your posts on this blog. I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to say!

To leave a comment, follow the below instructions:
1. Click on the "Comments" hyperlink below the post.
2. Type your comment or question in the "Leave Your Comment" box.
3. Under "Choose an Identity" click the "Name/URL" option, and type your name in the box labeled "Name."
4. Finally, click the "Publish Your Comment" button.
5. To view all comments click the "Comments" hyperlink below.


Anonymous said...

From one of our "seasoned mentors":
"I really can offer only one simple suggestion to new mentors. Just be a friend, that's what my kids have wanted. Don't worry about trying anything serious....Perhaps one other prospective. Mentors DO make a difference, even when the student gives NO clue at all."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Juliana, for the encouragement! It's so good to know that I am having a good influence even when my mentee doesn't particularly show it.

I've been mentoring for about almost two years, and it has been very rewarding for me.

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