Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Mentor of the Month

Ken Boomer is our September Mentor of the Month. He has been meeting with his mentee for over a year now through Isla Vista Elementary. As his mentee enters the 6th grade, he knows that Ken will continue to encourage and support him. Ken has done an amazing job of proving to his mentee that he can position himself to do well throughout the rest of his life. Ken has fostered his strengths and helped him figure out how to learn through his challenges.
His mentee was referred to the program because he was having challenges concentrating in school, which translated into academic difficulties. He was fidgeting in his seat, not paying attention, and wasn't motivated to stay on top of school work. He didn't have someone outside of school encouraging him to do well, to exhibit what it means to grow into a strong young male. Ken stepped in and showed his mentee that it is equally as important to get a good education as it is to be involved in healthy activities outside of school. His mentee was awarded with certificates for improvement in classroom behavior, math, and reading - improving 2 grade levels! He's also taught him that rewards can be far more appreciated when hard work precedes it. Ken and his mentee worked together to fix an old bike, and once it was finished, his mentee had earned the privilege to keep it and ride it. Through that, Ken continues to encourage him to keep physically active. Thank you, Ken, for all that you do to encourage a positive lifestyle with your mentee!!

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