Monday, October 5, 2009

October Mentor of the Month!

Joanie Grissom has mentored for over 6 years. Her mentee is a 10th grade student at Santa Barbara High School. Joanie and her mentee have participated in a wide range of activities from reading together, making pottery, going to the beach, shopping in Paseo Nuevo, visiting the Botanical Gardens, and going to the movies. Her mentee comes from a family where her mother has been absent for much of her life, making Joanie’s role as a female mentor even more vital to her mentee’s development. Two years ago, her mentee became part of a leadership group at her school, and Joanie has helped guide her into doing community service for SBHS. Her mentee has been exposed to these positive outlets throughout most of her teens because of Joanie’s hard work and dedicated as a positive role model. Joanie has been able to assist her mentee through most of her high school career, no doubt making a life long impact. Joanie is also a member of the Mentor Task Force, highlighting her compassion and dedication to the cause. She is one of our mentors who truly goes above and beyond, and serves as a great example of how mentorship can change the life of a child for the better. Nice job, Joanie!

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