Friday, January 15, 2010

January Mentor of the Month

Almost 5 years ago, Sammy Case’s mentee found herself growing up faster than most children her age. Her mom was constantly working to support the family and did not always have the time she wished she could to spend with her daughter. Sammy’s mentee could do little else besides watching television. That all changed when Sammy became her mentor. Throughout their time together, they have tried many new things and developed a strong relationship. Sammy and her mentee enjoy going to Blenders, playing games such as backgammon and checkers, going to the movies, and walking on the beach. Through her patience, dedication and care, Sammy has inspired her mentee to branch out in many ways. Her mentee now plays soccer on the high school team and has shown academic improvement, ultimately leading to a tremendous growth in self-confidence. She entered the program as a young girl without a strong purpose. Now she is a mature, confident, young adult. Sammy’s dedication and “can do” attitude has played a significant role her mentee’s life. For this and so much more, we thank you Sammy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I have watched Sammy and her mentee all these years, and heard the wonderful stories of the things they do together, and am AMAZED at the love and dedication in this relationship, and to see the blooming of this young girl under such strong caring. Bravo Sammy!

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