Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Mentor of the Month: Frank Randall

Frank Randall has been a constant encourager and supporter of his mentee over the past 2 years. His mentee lives with his older sister and mother and was referred because he needed a male after which to model his life. He spent much of his time after school sitting at home, bored, and playing video games. When Frank stepped in as his mentor, he saw this as a unique opportunity to help his mentee further develop his sporting skills. Seeing as his mentee's mom didn't have the financial ability to enroll her son in any organized recreational sports, Frank sought out the Boys and Girls Club. The Downtown location was within walking distance of his mentee's home so he knew that if his mentee established connections there, he could go there if he was bored.
Frank quickly became involved and would often times meet with his mentee at the Boys & Girls Club. His mentee signed up to volunteer in the kitchen, and found that he could connect with the Chef there and have him as an additional male role model in his life.
However, not everything has gone smoothly in their relationship. Last year, Frank's mentee sought out negative attention at his school and home, and showed great apathy towards any disciplinary measures. This didn't deter Frank. Instead, he set boundaries. He explained consequence. He planted the seeds within his mentee's mind that would eventually grow and take shape as his mentee came to realize that his actions were not helpful to anyone involved. Frank continued to encourage attendance at the Boys and Girls Club. He helped enroll him in First Tee and baseball and basketball through the Club. After months of working closely with his mentee, the school and Frank began to notice some change. Minute change, but change nonetheless. His mentee recently received an award for all his help in the kitchen at the Boys Club. In addition, the Club awarded Frank with a Certificate of Appreciation. The Downtown Boys & Girls Club Executive Director, Carolyn Brown, said, "Frank attends everything that [his mentee] is involved in, plus comes to the Club to hang out with [his mentee]. Frank has worked with us one-on-one discussing [his mentee's needs and problems and stays in touch with us constantly to make sure we are all doing our best for [his mentee]."
Frank, your mentee is very fortunate to have you as his mentor. Thank you for your outstanding patience, dedication, and service! We are very proud to honor you as our Mentor of the Month!

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