Monday, July 12, 2010

Topic for July 12th to 16th


Yesterday's Final resulted in the first World Cup Title won by Spain, and would have been the first for the Netherlands. Although I personally was rooting for the Dutchies, the Spaniards, in my opinion, deserved the win, as they played a better game overall. I can also be proud for the Spaniards because 4th place was the furthest they had ever progressed...and that was in 1950. This was a BIG first for them, and a proud moment for their country.

What is the first memory your mentee has? What about you? When was the first time you were proud of them? When was the first time they were proud of themselves? Talk about other firsts. Maybe the first time they got into a fight with their best friend. Or about the time they first tried Sushi. Or the first time they rode a bike. You can even talk about the first time they felt pressured to try beer or smoke. What did they do? What did you do when that happened to you as a teen?

There is a lesson in everything.

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