Monday, August 9, 2010

July's Mentor of the Month

Marcia Wolfe

Marcia has been mentoring her mentee for almost 3 years and has seen her through many experiences. Marcia was able to communicate easily with the shy 5th grade student during their first few meetings and their relationship has grown stronger ever since. Her mentee was referred as a daughter of a single mom with 1 brother and 3 sisters who desired individualized attention and new experiences. Her teacher even stated that a mentor who opened up "new worlds" would be desirable. Marcia has proven to do all these things and more and provides her a strong support system no matter what the circumstances. Her mentee's attendance record was another reason for referral, and since Marcia has stepped in and helped her with her organization, the number of tardies and absences has significantly decreased.

Her mentee aspires to be a veterinarian, so together they venture to the zoo and butterfly preserve amongst other animal-inspired locations. Marcia encourages her mentee to explore her creativity through a love of art and together they make gifts at 2000 degrees for many occasions. Her mentee's mom has seen the value in their friendship and is very supportive of all that Marcia does to encourage her daughter in her growth and development.

Marcia, thank you for all that you do with your mentee, and we are excited to watch your relationship grow over the coming years.

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Claire Barrios said...

It has always been a secret dream of mine to be a life coach. Seeing the people whom you are coaching and mentoring progress seems to be one of the greatest fulfillments. Thanks for featuring mentors and their stories. Its very inspiring

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