Monday, May 2, 2011

April Mentor of the Month

Mark Golden
Mark and his mentee have been a pair since September of 2009. You are likely to see them all around town, but are most likely to run into them at a UCSB Men's soccer game...their favorite sport to watch together.

Mark makes sure to communicate with his mentee's teacher to be on top of assignments and his grades. Together they have improved his grades to almost all A's. Mark is insistent on making sure his mentee completes and understands his homework, especially in math and science, which have always been of interest to his mentee. Mark makes sure that his mentee is aware of the importance of education, both in school, and out in the world. 

He has exposed him to a lot of different activities to keep his mentee's eyes open to the wealth of opportunities available to him if he puts in a little effort.

It has been fun to see Mark's mentoring relationship develop over the past year and a half. Mark's mentee is now excited about school and about the years ahead of him, and we are all looking forward to his future as well.

Thank you, Mark, for all that you do with your mentee! We are all so fortunate to have you as a volunteer with our program!

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