Thursday, June 2, 2011

May Mentor of the Month

Juanita Block 
Juanita has met with her mentee since May 2010. When they first met, her mentee had low self-esteem and was very shy.

Since that time, Juanita has engaged her in many opportunities and encouraged her to develop strong and meaningful friendships. She brought her to the Mentor Program Career Event, which encouraged her mentee to step out of her comfort zone and speak with adults who she didn’t know.

Juanita’s mentee experienced difficulty with some kids at her school, so Juanita turned to the Program for help and attended a training on bullying. Through that, she was able to gain a better understanding of how she could be a support system for her mentee.

Juanita now sees her mentee making better decisions, finding strength within herself to hang out with positive influences. This has helped her develop better study habits, priorities, and as a result, better grades.

Thank you so much, Juanita, for being the support system your mentee didn't have and for constantly encouraging her to find strength in herself to make it through to brighter days.

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