Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Alameda Park Photo Shoot

We have the pictures from our park photo shoot! And many thanks to our photographers Nick Burwell and Stephen Lewis!! Here are some of our favorites! There are many more (well over 200 were taken), but of course, we don't have room to put them all up. Enjoy them!! And thank you again to all of you who took the time to come participate...we had so much fun! We hope you did too!!

Some of our wonderful mentors: Denise, Lisa, Cora, Carol, and Katya.

Three fabulous mentees.
Jill and her mentee.

Cora and her mentee.

Denise and her mentee.

Loren and his mentee.

Ron and his mentee.

Nancy and her mentee.

Andrea and her mentee.
Katya and her mentee.

Sally and her mentee.
Rob's mentee and puppy.

Kyle and his mentee.
Carol and her mentee.

Arno and his mentee.

Jai and his mentee.
Some of our kids having fun :-)

Such a great day!

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