Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March "Mentors of the Month"

This Month's Outstanding Mentors are Andrea Helfer and Katya Armistead!

This month we are acknowledging two incredible mentors: Katya Armistead and Andrea Helfer. Katya and Andrea mentor sisters at Cesar Chavez Charter School. These women, as individual mentors, are amazing, and together, they make an inspiring team! Katya and Andrea have been with their mentees for almost 2 ½ years. They have been a constant source of encouragement and support through challenging family times, academic struggles, as well as friend problems.

Katya has enabled her mentee to grow into a healthier individual who will now be able to tackle next year’s challenge of Junior High with confidence. Andrea works with her mentee every week to improve her reading and math skills and to show her that she can aspire to do amazing things in her life.

Both Katya and Andrea care about the sisters, and when one is unable to meet with their mentee, the other is sure to check in with both girls. They have remained patient as they continue to work with the girls and their challenging home situation. It averages about one hour before they can get the girls out of the house and to a program event, but neither Katya nor Andrea has given up. They want to continue to expand the horizons of both girls and have tailored their outings to best suit their interests. Through their dedication and ongoing support, Katya and Andrea have shown these sisters that they have people who believe in them, and no matter the obstacles they face, they can overcome and come out stronger. Great Job, Katya and Andrea! Keep up the good work!

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