Monday, March 29, 2010

March's Mentor of the Month!

During the past two years, Mark Wienke has done a lot to make sure that his mentee succeeds both personally and academically. In the beginning, Mark’s mentee was very shy, had low reading skills, and struggled with family issues. Mark demonstrated his care and dedication to his mentee in more ways than one. He showed a vested interest in all aspects of his mentee’s life; he listened, found creative ways to improve his reading comprehension, and expressed a sincere interest in his drawings. As an architect, Mark was able to help his mentee develop his skills as an artist. Mark even helped him win the drawing contest with the Mentor Program last year!

Not only his mentee’s reading level greatly improved, but he even enjoys reading, and is a happier, more outgoing student. Mark was extremely encouraging and supportive of his mentee when he started a landscaping club at McKinley Elementary. This has shown great development in character with Mark’s mentee. Beyond this, Mark has taught him the importance of honesty, sportsmanship, and courtesy. Thank you for all you do Mark!

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