Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More May Madness!!!

Maxt Out @ the Granada
Saturday, May 29th • 7 pm
Granada Theater (1216 State St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101)
Maxt Out is an innovative, professional dance competition and showcase consisting of over 1,000 dancers from all over California. This resilient and unwavering dance competition has set the standard for elaborate dance competitions and showcases in the Los Angeles area. Maxt Out aspires to create a dynamic experience for all ages with exhilarating entertainment by utilizing diverse musical selection and choreography. By inviting a high level of aspiring talents and established professionals as well, Maxt Out continues to create a positive and inviting experience for all through dance, choreography, competition, and music. Maxt Out Dance Competition is open to all dance crews and choreographers willing to compete. Each dance crew and choreographer uses the elements of hip hop, street, break dance, etc as inspirations to make their routine. Maxt Out also offers the ability for dance crews and choreographers to exhibit their talents in our exhibition division. These dances do not compete. They simply bring their talented dancers to show what they’ve been working on give a great show for our guests!

Maxt Out is produced and directed by Joanna Vargas of JAYVEE DANCE Productions, INC. Maxt Out began in 2001 in Los Angeles at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. Since then, Maxt Out has grown from 100 dancers to over 1,000 competitive dancers from ages 7 to adult. Maxt Out began as an adult dance showcase featuring choreographers and dance crews from all over Southern California and now has grown to an all ages dance competition with a Minor division for juniors and a Major division for adults. Maxt Out Dance Competition offers two different competition dance divisions; Crew Division and CHOR(Choreographers) Division. Dancers and choreographers have the ability to compete in many different competition divisions and styles of dance at Maxt Out.

Tickets are FREE to the first 10 mentor/mentee pairs to RSVP with either Juliana or Teresa. RSVP deadline is Friday, May 14th @ 5 pm.

Trip to the Carpinteria Seal Rookery!
Thursday, May 20th • 3:30 to 4:30 pm 
**Meet at the Bluffs Parking lot
**Exit 101 at Bailard Ave. in Carpinteria and turn towards the ocean. Keep driving into the parking lot.

One of the most interesting secrets of Carpinteria is the Seal Preserve.  The Harbor Seal Preserve is home to almost 100 adult seals who give birth to their cubs on the Carpinteria shoreline.  The beach is closed 750 feet on either side of the rookery (as their nesting area is called) from December through May.

We'll walk together to the bluffs above the preserve and a docent will talk with us about why there is need for a protected area, we'll see the newborn pups, and enjoy a nice's about 10 minutes from the parking lot.

RSVP to Juliana or Teresa no later than Tuesday, May 18th @ 5 PM!

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