Monday, December 20, 2010

November Mentor of the Month

Lisa Gosdschan
Although Lisa and her mentee have only been together a year, it seems like they have become family. Her mentee was referred to us because she needed guidance, direction, a healthy purpose in life. Lisa devotes several hours each day to making sure her mentee arrives at school on time, has food, clothing without holes, and has her hair combed and is ready to face the day. Lisa provides the support, care, and attention that every child dreams about.

Lisa not only meets with her mentee's teachers to check in about extra assignments that they can do together, she volunteers in the classroom and with the United Boys & Girls Club. She has opened up the eyes of her mentee by taking her to volunteer to help those even less fortunate. Together, they prepare meals and organize supplies. Lisa teaches her mentee valuable lessons every time they meet, whether that is to help her in the classroom or in the real world. She spends no less than 20 hours a month with her, but we know you can't place a number on their relationship.

Furthermore, Lisa helps us with almost every family event, comes into the office to help the staff, and is a great sounding board for idea development. Lisa, thank you for all of your contributions to this program, especially to your mentee's life. You go above and beyond.

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