Friday, April 1, 2011

March Mentor of the Month

Jennifer Ramirez
Jennifer and her mentee celebrated a year together last November, and have experienced many wonderful and fun things together. At the start of their first meeting, Jennifer’s mentee was very quiet, kept to herself, and found it difficult to trust. She needed help developing a positive self-image and requested guidance academically.

By combining work with play, Jennifer guides her mentee towards accomplishing the goals they set: to open up with others and perform better at school. Her mentee’s improvement has not only been apparent to Jennifer, but also to her teacher and school; she was awarded January Student of the Month at her school!

Jennifer reminds her mentee that she is a constant support and is there to give her advice, no matter what the topic is. Their discussions have been as silly as getting braces, to more serious discussions about relationships, family, school, and tolerance. Jennifer has been instrumental in easing her mentee’s fears about the upcoming transition to junior high by sharing about her own experiences and memories of that time of her life.

Jennifer has created an amazing and welcoming environment for her mentee and has become one of the few people in her mentee’s life that she truly trusts...and we all know how much this means! We really appreciate all that you do Jennifer! Thank you for being such a great mentor!

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