Friday, April 1, 2011

Mentors on the Rise...

Staying on task, earning points, rising to the top.
Well, we understand that life is busy, and we understand that it's a pain sometimes to complete the mentor logs and the annual surveys, and it is difficult to want to attend a training after a long day at work, so we want to show you how much we appreciate it when you do. As you do more, you will earn more stars (points/entries), making you a Mentor, or "star" on the Rise!

Therefore, we have established a new program, just for YOU, the mentor. Here's how it works. You will receive stars for tasks completed that may seem inconvenient for you, but really are designed to improve the quality of your mentoring relationships. Every star that is earned within a 3-month time period will equal an entry into a raffle drawing. We will pick at random the winner of that 3-month raffle and the winner will get to choose their prize from the collection we are accumulating. Now, that could be movie passes, free kayaking, restaurant gift cards, etc. At the end of each 3-month period, we will start fresh as far as the raffle is concerned, but we will keep track of the number of stars you accumulate throughout your time with us and we will find a way to acknowledge you.

Mentor Logs
1. Turn it in. If you write 0 hours because you had scheduling conflicts or you don't meet during the summer months because you are school-based, that counts! Award = 1 star

2. Turn it in by the 10th.  Bonus Award = 1 star

3. Turn it in by the 5th. Bonus Award = 2 stars

4. Write in the summary portion. It doesn't matter how much or how little, but know that this part is designed to serve your memory..because we all know that our memories fade over time. It helps to have this to document what you've accomplished with your mentees. You'll notice progressions, trends, etc. Bonus Award = 1 star

On-Going Mentor Trainings/ Mentor Mingles
1. Attend. We design these trainings based off what we hear from you, and well, you guessed it, your logs. We find experts in the fields who are willing to volunteer their time to come and answer the questions and difficulties you face with your mentees. It's important to them, it's important to us, it's important to you and to other mentors. These trainings are also a great opportunity for you to interact with other mentors and ask questions of them. If we cancel the training on our end, and you've RSVP'ed you'll still receive your stars and be notified of the reschedule date. Award = 2 stars

2. Submit questions for the presenter. We understand that we only have these trainings in the evenings, and it's difficult for those of you who work during that time, or who have families to go home to. So submit a question before the training that you would like to have answered by the presenter and we will translate that answer to you. Award = 1 star

Annual Mentor Survey
1. Turn it in. For every year that you complete with your mentee you will receive a survey from us about your mentee. It is EXTREMELY important that you return these to us in a timely manner. The data we receive from this, positive or negative, helps us get our grants to keep the program going...and keep them. Award = 1 star

2. Turn it in within 10 days of receiving it.  Bonus Award = 1 star

3. Turn it in within 5 days of receiving it. Bonus Award = 2 stars

Tell us your story
1. We want to hear it. Let us know how you heard about us, why you became a Mentor, why you continue to be a Mentor, what you've noticed during your time with your Mentee, the funny thing that happened last week...just let us know! Award = 2 stars

2. Submit your pictures. Do you have pictures of you and your mentee? Well, why are you holding them all to yourself?? Share them with us!! Award = 1 star

1. Recruit a new Mentor. Our waiting list is over 90 can see why this is so important. And those of you who have tried, understand how difficult it is for some reason. But you are doing this Mentoring thing for a reason. Go out and share about your experience. Bring others on board. Help us reduce our waiting list of kids and make a huge impact in our community. For every mentor that is matched by you: Award = 10 stars

2. Help us set up a presentation. That can be with your work, service club, HOA, class, religious organization, wherever. Award = 5 stars

3. Be a part of a presentation. If you want to join us at a presentation to an organization to tell your story, please let us know and we will be in touch with you when we have one in your area. Award = 5 stars

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