Friday, October 28, 2011

October Mentor of the Month

Steb Chandor

Steb and his mentee posing
like flamingos at the zoo
Steb and his mentee have been together for over three years. In that time, Steb has seen his mentee grow and develop into an intelligent young man. His mentee was referred to the program because he needed someone who would help him academically and bring him out of his shell. Although his parents were supportive, they were not able to help him academically because they only speak Spanish, so they were very excited to have Steb come into their son’s life. As soon as Steb and his mentee were matched, they began working on math, English, and his homework assignments. By including games such as Scrabble and dominoes, Steb has helped his mentee vastly improve his academics while showing how learning can be fun!

But academics were not the only area Steb’s mentee needed support with, he is also a grade ahead of his age and struggled to relate to his peers. Steb worked with him to improve his interactions with others and encouraged him to try new activities around school. With Steb’s encouragement he has even started playing in the band at his school and Steb makes every effort to attend his band performances. Steb also takes his mentee to many Mentor Program Events so that he has ample opportunity to experience new things and enrich his life. Step has even helped at the Career Day event by participating as a job presenter. Through his great commitment to helping his mentee Steb has become an integral support system and friend and helped a struggling boy blossom into a promising young man. Thank you for all that you do for the program and especially your mentee Steb! Congratulations! You’re our October Mentor of the Month!

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