Monday, June 14, 2010

Activities for the week of June 14th

PHOTOGRAPHY: Tuesday, June 15th
Alameda Park, Kids World
Micheltorena between Garden & Santa Barbara St.

Each of the kids will be getting their own camera (a disposable) and we will also develop the film for them and provide digital copies of their pictures on their very own DVD.
The first session will be our photographer describing basic photography terms and talking about what it means to actually do intentional photography. She will also be bringing her digital camera and taking shots and showing the kids what she means and will encourage them to take particular pictures as well. The kids can create their own themes and take pictures. The kids may go through their whole film roll by the end of the session, in which case I will take them and get them developed by the following Tuesday. Once the pictures are developed, we will meet at the CADA office to look through the pictures and our photographer will go around and pick out some good things about the shots, or how to make them better the next time around. Then the kids can make their own scrapbook out of their pictures during the following session. It should be fun times.
The Mentor Program will be supplying all materials for the pictures and scrapbooking,  including an album that they can decorate, jewels, stickers, feathers, paper, etc. so the mentees can make each page their very own!
That being said, the mentee should be able to attend all 3 sessions. If their mentor cannot come, they are welcome to attend with their parent or guardian.
If you want to bring your digital camera, or if the kids have their own digital, that is fine too.

SOLSTICE PARADE MASK MAKING: Wednesday, June 16th, 5:30 to 7 pm
CADA • 2nd Floor • Conference Room 2
232 E. Canon Perdido St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101
RSVP by Friday, June 11th @ 5 pm!
Join us for an evening of craftiness as we make masks to celebrate the theme of the
Solstice festival this year: Carnival!

HIKE – Rattlesnake Trail: Friday, June 18th, 3:30 to 5 pm
RSVP by Thursday, June 17th @ 5 pm!
We’ll be embarking on our first hike up Rattlesnake Trail. This trail doesn't necessarily
mean you will encounter a rattlesnake! That is just the name of the canyon. One
canyon over from Tunnel Trail, this hike is also within 15 minutes of downtown. There
is almost always plenty of water in the creek, and the trail is always shady, making
this the most popular trail in Santa Barbara. It is also relatively easy compared to just
about all the other trails in the area. It is well-maintained, gentle, and there are no
mountain bikes allowed. It’s 3.5 miles round trip, but we’ll only hike as far as time
Click for Directions to Skofield Park
Click for Directions to Rattlesnake trailhead
Click for more information about the hike

SUMMER SOLSTICE PARADE: Saturday, June 26th, 12 noon
RSVP by Thursday, June 24th @ 5 pm
Wear your masks, costume jewelry, and bright colors as we head to State street to join in the festivities to watch the Summer Solstice Parade! I think we’ll try and watch on Micheltorena, towards the end of the parade route, then head over to Alameda Park to join in on the rest of the fun! For more details about the festival, see:

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