Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Topic of the Week: SUMMER!!!

Every kid is looking forward to the time of year when they don't have to be sitting in a classroom. Make sure you take advantage of this time with your mentee and RELAX!! There are so many things that Santa Barbara has to offer to you this summer, so be sure to keep your eyes open! 
Find out what your mentee has planned and see if you can be involved in any of it. Many programs like Fun in the Sun will allow you to meet with your mentee at the school sites, if you still wish to see them and are not comfortable taking them anywhere. You can also check with the local Boys & Girls Club (www.boysgirls.org & www.unitedbg.org) (or have us check with them). Our mentees can have FREE memberships to those facilities, giving you both access to basketball courts, ping pong tables, music lessons, and the like.

For a list of summer camps, check out: http://www.independent.com/news/2010/apr/08/summer-adventure-guide-2010/

For the Santa Barbara Public Library's Summer Reading Program (also good for the Carp and Goleta libraries), see: http://www.sbplibrary.org/kids/index.html
The kids can read for rewards...a good thing to do with them if you want to keep it a little educational!!

jump in and make a splash!

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